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Join the Usher team to serve your brothers and sisters and our visitors. Ushers help people find seats, move chairs, help with parking, or anything else needed. See Glen Fenstermacher or click on the image to fill out a connection form 


Coffee Team

People dedicated to serving their brothers and sisters with fresh hot coffee and a smile. Intrested in joining? Reach out to Don & Teresa Estep or click the image below to fill out connect form

Coffee Team.png

First Responders

A skilled team dedicated to keeping the church safe through onsite immediate response, protecting and preserving life until emergency services arrive. Click the Image to fill out a connection form.



God has given us all different skills; this group brings together all who work with their hands. We aim to complete various projects glorifying God with our craft and have fellowship and fun while we do it! Click the image below to fill out a connection form.

CTK Builders Team (720 x 405 px) (2).png


Join the Greeter team and be a part of our church. We welcome everyone who comes through our doors so they will feel noticed and loved. See Mallory Gwynn or click on the image to fill out a connection form.



The Landscape team aims to maintain and enhance the land entrusted to us by God, creating a safe, clean, and beautiful environment that honors Him and welcomes everyone. If you are interested in Joining, please Click the image below to fill out a connect form



The Tech team is all about enhancing the quality and experience of worship services. Coordinating everything from sound to slides to streams, the Tech team is an intrinsic part of a smooth service. They diligently work to remove distractions and help the body focus on worshiping and hearing from God. Click the image to fill out a connection form.


Worship Team 

At CTK, worship is one of our four priorities. We want to show the Lord just how much we love him through passionate worship. If you sing or play an instrument, we would love to talk with you about ways you can get involved. 

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