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Tim Davis' Group

Led by Pastor Tim, we meet once a week at 7:00 p.m. every Wednesday evening. We will pray through the Psalms and learn how they point to Jesus Christ. 

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Our time together will center on the incredible breadth of our God. Psalm 139 takes us from the outer edges of the universe to the secret place of a mother's womb. Come, let's explore the vastness of an almighty,  loving God. We will laugh together,  cry together, and explore the intricate purposes of our lives together. Join us and let's go deep with our Father, together.

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Young Adults Group

Our goal is to build a community for our college-age brothers and sisters within the Church. Join us as we grow in fellowship, pray for one another, and study scripture together.

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This group is an "out-of-town" getaway at the Kacaleks! We will meet once to twice a month on Friday nights. It will be casual, with the opportunity to share potluck meals/BBQ and snacks. This community group emphasizes just sharing time, options of taking a walk/hike, praying, and working through the book of John. We hope it encourages those interested in building relationships and growing our faith in Jesus. This group is for ages 18-150.



As a family with three young children, we want a small group in Molalla that enjoys meals together, lifts one another in prayer and encouragement, allows children to enjoy each other, and sharpens one another in and through the Word of God. We were thinking about starting with a book of the Bible and moving to the group's needs as we get to know one another.



We are Nick and Cathy McClaugherty and we will be hosting at our house in Mulino. We meet once a month after church for fellowship, sharing a meal, brief bible study and prayer. Open to all ages. 


Gary Davis' Group

Gary Davis has been a Bible teacher and pastor for many years. This seniors group meets from 7:00-9:00 on Thursday evenings to study systematically through the Bible using the International Standard Lessons of Christian churches. They meet in each other’s homes, rotating from week to week. Feel free to request to join on the Church Center app or call Gary at (503) 944-9965.



This multi-generational group is led by Loren and Carol Miller and hosted by Seth and Brie Ediger. Join us for casual and authentic fellowship, worship, and Study of God's word. We will pray for one another, shoulder each other's burdens, and encourage each other in current life experiences as we grow in Christ. 

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Led by Steve & Krystie Emerson, our group is about meeting twice a month, sharing a meal, and studying God's Word. We will be hosted by Will and Joyce Snyder, having a potluck-style dinner and going through the bible in a character study of Moses. 



We gather at 5:30 for a potluck supper that usually includes a lot of good meat. Sometimes Monday Night Football is on. Around 6:15/6:30 we jump into our study of the discipleship book Growing in Christ. We hope to model for our children how multiple generations can connect and support each other through prayer and studying the Word. We hope to be a community that loves each other in the same way God has loved us. 

*Dress code is anything except Seahawks gear. 


Harvey - Rydell

We are a group of young families and singles, wanting to encourage one another in our walk with Christ. With children screaming and running around we focus on fellowship rather than curriculum. if you're looking for a warm loving and loud home, this is it.

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Knitted Together

A group for those wanting to learn to knit to experienced knitters. 

This is an informal small group for those who enjoy getting together, learning and sharing knitting skills, sharing our faith, and praying for each other.


Prayer Group

Led by Laurel and Heather, We pray about anything and everything, specifically about our church body, leadership and unity. All ages welcome. 

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Consisting of families, our group provides a kid-friendly environment, meeting monthly to share meals and foster fellowship.  


Worship & The Word

It is hosted by Nancy and Skip and Led by Daniel and Tali, who are Hebrew Bible teachers. Join for desert, prayer, fellowship, worship, and an in-depth study that gives context to the culture and history of the Bible. 

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